“The Super League is a loss for Flanders and for football”

19 April 2021

“It will result in our clubs having fewer opportunities to show themselves at the European level and to compete with the biggest names.” Flemish Minister for Sport Ben Weyts is not in favour of the plans for a European Super League. Minister Weyts speaks of a loss for Flanders and for football. “This move threatens to cause segregation and degradation of the Champions League. This is only about money. Football deserves better.”

The impoverishment of the sports world at the expense of small countries

MEP Johan Van Overtveldt also reacts with dissatisfaction. “This has nothing to do with sports anymore, but everything to do with money and power. These companies - for that is what they are - are abusing their monopoly position. They want to increase their influence even more this way, which will be at the expense of smaller clubs and countries. In time, such power grabs will lead to an irreversible impoverishment of a sports world that is currently still diverse.” Johan Van Overtveldt, who is also a rapporteur on European competition policy in the European Parliament, will raise the issue with the European Commissioner for Competition, Vestager.

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