Cookie Policy

1. Who are the parties?

In this Cookie Policy, the parties are understood to be as follows:

“N-VA”: New Flemish Alliance vzw, with registered office at Koningsstraat 47, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, registered under company number 0407.762.759.
“User” or “you”: any natural person or legal person who is or comes to be in a relationship of any nature whatsoever with the N-VA via its online platform.
“Law”: Article 129 of the Law on electronic communication, as amended by Law 2012-07-10/04, Article 90, 017; (entry into force: 04-08-2012) (URL).

2. What are cookies and why are they important?

Cookies are small text files that websites save on your computer or mobile device.

They gather information about, for example, your personal preferences, website visit and device, in order to improve the functionality and user experience of those websites.

Some cookies directly or indirectly gather personal data and are therefore privacy-sensitive. For that reason they are also covered by European and Belgian legislation.

The use of cookies is regulated by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union via the e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC.

In the meantime, all EU Member States have transposed this Directive into national legislation. This implies that the use of cookies and the legislation on cookies is regulated differently in each European country.

In Belgium, this is done via an adapted version of Article 129 of the Law of 13 June 2005 on electronic communication.

3. What cookies does the N-VA use and for what purposes?

Types of cookies

Four different types of cookies are used on the N-VA website:

I. Essential cookies

Essential cookies are cookies that are necessary for a website to operate (or operate better), for example cookies that manage the load time of web pages.

II. Functional cookies

Functional cookies gather information about the choices and preferences of visitors and offer the possibility of remembering and customising language and other local settings.

III. Analytical or performance cookies

Analytical or performance cookies gather information about visitors’ behaviour, to measure the performance of the website in question and improve the user experience.

IV. Targeting or advertising cookies

Targeting or advertising cookies follow visitors (through their browsing behaviour) to compile customer or user profiles.

These profiles are mostly used to show relevant and personalised ads that match the interests of the users in question.

They are also used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and carry out market analyses.

Specific overview

Below you will find an overview of the specific cookies used on the N-VA website:

Google Analytics (third party)

Cookie “_ga”

  • Purpose: distinguish users
  • Type: analysis/performance
  • Storage period: 2 years

Cookie “_gat”

  • Purpose: limit requests for DoubleClick
  • Type: analysis/performance
  • Storage period: 10 minutes

DoubleClick by Google (third party)

Cookie “_drt_”

  • Purpose: show relevant ads to visitors and gather information about the interaction of visitors with these ads.
  • Type: targeting/advertising
  • Storage period: 550 days

Cookie “id”

  • Purpose: show relevant ads to visitors and gather information about the interaction of visitors with these ads.
  • Type: targeting/advertising
  • Storage period: 1280 days

Click here for more information about the DoubleClick cookies.

Facebook Tracking Cookie

Twitter Tracking Cookie

4. How can I manage my cookies?

You can manage cookies in your browser settings at any time. You will find instructions below for:

5. Questions or comments?

If you still have any questions or comments about cookies after reading this Cookie Policy, please contact the N-VA at any time via info [at]