Ralph Packet succeeds Sander Loones in the European Parliament

28 November 2018
Ralph Packet

Former Chair of Jong N-VA (N-VA Youth) Ralph Packet has been an MEP for the N-VA since Wednesday. He succeeds Sander Loones*, who was appointed Minister of Defence, in charge of the Civil Service, in the federal government. Aged just 28, Ralph Packet is the youngest Member of the European Parliament.

Critical voice

MEP Ralph Packet is starting his new position at an important moment. With Brexit, an important critical voice is disappearing in the European debate. “It is now more than ever important for other critical voices, like that of the N-VA, to be heard, and I am very happy to be joining the team. The EU should only take action where it creates European added value,” Ralph Packet says.

Defending the N-VA vision

Ralph Packet will continue to follow up the dossiers of Sander Loones. One of those dossiers is the InvestEU project, the successor to the Juncker fund. “I am hard at work familiarising myself with everything. This dossier is important because it aims to bundle and reform all the investment instruments of the EU. As from Monday, I will be starting the negotiations and defending the vision of the N-VA as effectively as possible,” a determined MEP Ralph Packet says.

On Wednesday, Ralph Packet was formally named an MEP during the plenary meeting in the European Parliament. He will also be a permanent member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and an alternate member of the Committee on International Trade and the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.

* On December 9th Sander Loones resigned as Minister after the federal government collapsed over the UN Compact for Migration.

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