Ben Weyts is proven right by the European Court of Justice on unanaesthetised slaughter

17 December 2020
Ben Weyts

“We’re making history today,” says Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts, who is delighted with the European Court of Justice ruling on the Flemish ban on unanaesthetised slaughter. “The European Court of Justice confirms that Flanders isn’t violating religious freedom by mandating anaesthetised slaughter. This means that the door is now open throughout Europe for a ban on unanaesthetised slaughter. Flanders has been a pioneer in effectively preventing avoidable animal suffering. As Flemish people, we can be very proud of this.”

Striving for greater animal welfare

The Belgian Constitutional Court has yet to rule on the matter. Minister Weyts is hopeful. “We hope that the Constitutional Court can quickly reach a judgement based on this historic ruling. We’re now reaching out to the faith communities that have challenged the ban. Let’s turn the page now and strive together for greater animal welfare in future,” he concludes.

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