Assita Kanko angry after yet another instance of Turkish humiliation: “The EU-Turkey saga must not sink to the level of Temptation Island”

7 April 2021
Assita Kanko

MEP Assita Kanko is furious at yet another instance of Turkish humiliation of the Presidents of the European Council and Commission. “The intended goal, an improvement of the mutual relationship, has certainly not been achieved after this humiliating display. We must take our policy back into our own hands.”

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and President of the European Council Charles Michel flew to Turkey to revitalise the EU’s marriage to Turkish President Erdoğan. “Imagine that your partner deceives you every day and you think the solution is simple: renew the vows with someone else’s money. That is exactly what the EU is doing with Erdoğan’s Turkey. A band-aid policy in Greece or giving the keys to Europe to Erdoğan is not a solution,” MEP Assita Kanko reacts.

Erdoğan doesn’t keep his promises

MEP Assita Kanko wants Europe to take its policy back into its own hands. “This worn-out, fat, lazy Union needs a strong wake-up call to really listen to the people.” The EU’s promises of an improved customs union with Turkey and even more financial support for the reception of refugees amount to the same recipe we have used in the past, Assita Kanko notes. “Erdoğan takes the money and doesn’t keep his promises.”

Improved mutual relationship not achieved

The meeting was badly prepared and ended in humiliation, the MEP continues. “It is as if the deceived party in a marriage makes every effort to repair the situation over and over again without making the other person take responsibility. This trip infuriates me. The intended goal of improving mutual relations has certainly not been achieved after this humiliating display,” concluded Assita Kanko, who will question both presidents about their visit in the European Parliament.

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