Ralph Packet

Member of the European Parliament (2018-2019)

Ralph was born in Brussels to parents from West Flanders and grew up in the Flemish periphery around Brussels (Kraainem - Wezembeek), where the community question is characterised by some friction. It is no coincidence that his Flemish reflex arose there...

His social commitment and sense of responsibility developed spontaneously through activities such as playground work (monitor at Centrum Ganspoel), the sports club (Telos karate school), associations (Meivuur organisation in Overijse) and youth internships at Defence such as Para Junior and the Air Cadets.

Chair of Jong N-VA (N-VA Youth)
Ralph has lived in Tervuren since 1997 and came into contact with politics through youth work. His pioneering work in the local Jong N-VA organisation ultimately led to him being elected the national Chair of Jong N-VA from 2013 to 2015.

After preparatory studies in Applied IT, combined with his position as Chair of Jong N-VA, Ralph decided to commit himself fully to his second passion: 3D visualisation and computer technology.

Technology and innovation
He took the internationally renowned Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE) course at Howest University College West Flanders and graduated in Game Graphics Production after three years there. Although this course was very intensive and left little room for secondary activities, he remained politically active in the local N-VA.

After his work placement with software company Dassault Systems 3DExcite in Vilvoorde, Ralph was hired as a 3D Artist. There, he is part of an international team that carries out CGI projects for major car brands.

In his free time, he immerses himself in applications for virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Ralph will naturally be taking his keen interest in the developments and innovations associated with new digital technologies with him to the European Parliament.