The Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen (VOKA, Flemish Network of Enterprises) is a Flemish employer’s organisation that represents more than 16,000 companies in Flanders and Brussels, about 65% of private employment. VOKA was created in January 2004 when the Flemish Economic Alliance ( VEV The Flemish Economic Alliance (VEV) was a Flemish employers’ organisation founded in 1926 by Lieven Gevaert, among others. The VEV wanted to be the Flemish counterpart of the Central Industrial Committee, which targeted French-speakers and which later evolved into the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO/FEB). Its main objectives were the development of the Flemish economy and the Dutchification of Flanders. In 2002, the VEV merged with the Flemish Chambers of Commerce to create VOKA. VEV) and the eight regional Chambers of Commerce in Flanders decided to work together.