Zuhal Demir opposes the bidding culture in the climate debate: “Let’s achieve something in the field first”

8 December 2020
Zuhal Demir

“In recent weeks and months there has been a bidding culture in the climate debate: we have to do 35%, we have to do 40%, we have to do 50%. But the past has shown that none of those percentages has been achieved. Hence my plea: let’s achieve something in the field first, we have already lost too much time and money.” Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir explained the Flemish attitude in the climate debate in the programme Terzake.

All EU Member States must contribute

Minister Demir refuted that Flanders would hold back. “We do believe that the European climate objectives should be linked to a number of conditions, such as cost efficiency. Other Member States must also contribute. It is not acceptable that only Western European countries have high climate targets imposed on them, while large climate gains can be made in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland.”

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