Working pays off thanks to the tax shift

3 December 2018

The Tax shift There is a tax shift when a new tax is implemented or an existing tax is increased in order to reduce or get rid of another tax. The N-VA is a proponent of a shift of the burden on labour to that on consumption or environmental pollution, for example, but not of a tax that increases the total burden of taxation. tax shift introduced by Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt increases the net income of the lowest wage earners by no less than 20 percent. Consulting agency Deloitte calculated this in its ninth European salary survey. Thanks to the tax shift, Belgium has dropped out of the unenviable top five most expensive countries for employers in Europe.

More purchasing power

Deloitte’s study is already the second in less than a week to highlight the positive effects of the tax shift. Last week, KU Leuven published a study that showed that purchasing power has increased by more than five percent during the current legislature. A well-deserved feather in the cap of Johan Van Overtveldt!

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