What the N-VA thinks about the 2021 Defence operational plan

10 December 2020

The N-VA sees both good and worrying things in the operational plan proposed in the Parliamentary Committee on Defence. “The fight against terrorism remains central to our foreign military operations. We need to be careful with hornet’s nest Mali. “Our Ministry of Defence is not a subdivision of the French Army.”

Subdivision of the French Army

The N-VA evaluates the Defence Plan. “In addition to our commitment within NATO, certainly on the Eastern border with Russia, the fight against terrorism and Islamism remains central to our foreign military operations, and that is a good thing. However, we want to warn about the hornet’s nest that Mali is becoming. Despite our many years of military presence, the situation is evolving from bad to worse. In addition to the operations we are already involved in, it is now being proposed that we also participate in the French operation Barkhane as well as the European operation Takuba. That is stretching it. Also, it would be the first time the Belgian army participated in a purely French operation. Where is the purple-green creed on multilateralism now? Bilateral participation with Barkhane proves our thesis that we are becoming more and more a subdivision of the French army. The dream of many French-speaking parties.”

Questions on assistance to Turkey

The N-VA, in turn, questions the TAM operation in support of Turkey. “We are participating in the controversial TAM mission in support of Turkey. Turkey is conducting illegal oil drilling in Cyprus, waging war in Artsakh, invading Syria and oppressing our Kurdish allies and sending illegal migrants to the Greek border. Why are we supporting them?”

Fighting for our freedoms

According to the N-VA, we must dare to fight for our freedoms. “Our Western fight against terrorism and Islamism remains central through, among other things, our operations in the Sahel and the Middle East. The fact that we also remain active in the operation in the Strait of Hormuz against Iranian aggression is a good thing.”

Ferry services no mission for Defence

Participation in operation IRINI remains questionable. “We are participating in the controversial operation IRINI, albeit with minimal staffing. IRINI is the successor of Operation SOFIA, which rescued illegal Africans from drowning and brought them to Italy and Malta. IRINI does focus more on illegal arms smuggling in the Mediterranean. That must remain the case. Organising ferry services is not a mission for the Ministry of Defence,” the N-VA concludes.

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