True savings and structural reforms

21 February 2012

In the Chamber, the N-VA party called on the Di Rupo government to close the gap of more than EUR 2.5 billion in the budget through true savings and structural reforms instead of yet more new taxes.  After all, the current budget currently is made up of 80% new taxes. These are particularly damaging for the economy, resulting in a loss of jobs. N-VA’s budget specialist, Steven Vandeput, has set up a savings package of EUR 3.2 billion. This will release EUR 700 million that can be reinvested in economic growth and jobs. Indeed, in addition to making cuts, we must also continue to invest and grow. For these savings, the N-VA is looking primarily into a more efficient government system, restrictions on the unemployment benefits over time, removal of the interim allowances, slower growth in expenditures for health care and a smart reform of the index.

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