Total ban on bee-killing “neonics”

3 May 2018

Neonicotinoids must be banned, without exceptions in the form of transitional measures. The so-called “neonics” are harmful to bees and as a result to our agriculture and food safety as well. The federal Minister for Agriculture is advocating transitional measures, but the N-VA wants no such thing. “The experts from the 28 EU Member States are giving the green light to a ban on the use of the bee-killing pesticides neonicotinoids. Belgium has abstained. We are asking for a clear signal,” the N-VA says.

Important signal

EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, has been critical of the use of these pesticides for many years now. Back in 2013, the European Union introduced a limited and temporary ban on neonicotinoids. Last Friday, the experts of the 28 European Member States gave the green light to a definitive and far-reaching ban. “Farmers must be helped in the transition to organic farming or to pesticides that are ‘pollinator-friendly’. But we must give this important signal from Europe a positive response if we are to put an end to the massive collapse in bee populations,” says the N-VA.

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