There have never been so many asylum applications in Belgium. “The situation becomes untenable”

4 November 2022
Theo Francken

“By the end of the year, 100,000 people will have applied for asylum in Belgium,” stated competent State Secretary De Moor in the media. This makes the situation worse than in 2015, the year of the European asylum crisis. For MP Theo Francken, this situation is untenable and the result of “naive left-wing policies that open the door to illegal migration. It is time for change.”

“There are 100,000 asylum applications, which is the highest number since the birth of this kingdom. To illustrate, that’s as many people as there are in a city the size of Leuven who want to apply, in a year’s time. We have never paid out more Social security Social security is currently managed at the Federal level in Belgium. The most important pillars of Belgian social security are: sickness and invalidity insurance (NIDHI), pensions, unemployment insurance and child allowances. In addition, occupational illness, occupational accidents and annual holidays are dealt with at this level. Some Flemish parties have been campaigning for years for (large parts of) social security to be transferred to the Regions and Communities. social security or ever spent more tax money on asylum services, and even then, Belgium is condemned daily ‘because we are not doing enough’,” says Theo Francken.

Naive left-wing policies

“This situation is untenable. This record is the direct result of naive left-wing policies that open the door to illegal migration. It is high time to adopt the Australian model,” Francken concludes.

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