The Vivaldi government will not decide on a nuclear power phase-out in November

25 November 2021

MP Bert Wollants questioned Energy Minister Van der Straeten today about the lack of a decision on whether or not to keep the last two nuclear power plants open after 2025. After all, the coalition agreement states that the government will decide on the nuclear power phase-out in November 2021.

Bert Wollants says: “The last plenary session before the deadline takes place today. But instead of giving our citizens and businesses certainty about energy supplies, the minister said coolly that the government would not decide in November.”

The closure of all nuclear power plants in our country is meeting with increasing protest. Earlier this week, additional pressure came from Fedustria, which represents 1,700 companies in the wood and textile industry. In an open letter, the employers’ organisation called for the two nuclear power stations to remain open for at least another ten years in order to guarantee the energy supply and keep it affordable.

However, time is running out, as the Vivaldi government has always given itself until the end of November 2021 to finally decide on phasing out the two newest nuclear power plants. That is why N-VA energy expert Bert Wollants questioned the Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen party) and asked her to make things clear: “This is the last plenary before the decision is to be made on the nuclear power phase-out. I am therefore asking you to put your cards on the table. Will you be able to guarantee that the power supply will be assured when nuclear power is phased out in 2025? Citizens, business owners and energy companies are concerned.”

The Minister makes the possible extension of two nuclear power plants even more difficult

Minister Van der Straeten did not answer MP Wollants’ questions, but suddenly stated that, contrary to her constant statements, the Vivaldi government will not decide on the nuclear power phase-out this month. “Unprecedented”, Bert Wollants responds. “Since the start of the government, it has been said that a decision will be made in November, and today Van der Straeten abandons every timing. Perhaps just to make a decision about extending the life of two nuclear power plants even more difficult.”

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