The VDAB is to provide more effective support to get people aged fifty and over back into work

25 March 2014

From 1 April, the activation approach for new job seekers is being extended up to the age of 60. “In 2014, we also allocated the VDAB The Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding (VDAB, Flemish Public Employment and Professional Training Service) is a Flemish public service that coordinates supply and demand in the employment market, with its main task consisting of serving as an intermediary for job seekers and providing them with support in getting back to work. Since the State reform in 1989, job placement has been a competence of the Regions and job training a competence of the Communities. The VDAB’s counterpart in Wallonia is Forem, and Actiris in Brussels. VDAB an additional budget of EUR 1.4 million for this purpose”, explained Flemish Minister for Finance, Budget, Work, Spatial Planning and Sport, Philippe Muyters (N-VA).

Under his impetus support for new job seekers was gradually increased from the age of 52 to 60 during this legislative session. At the same time the number of vacancies is being significantly expanded, and support for people aged between 50 and 55 can also be provided by the VDAB’s private partners if this offers added value.

“However, I believe it is also important that we demand more effort from employers. We now request that they systematically provide us with feedback following a job interview. This allows us to continue to improve our support and also make employers aware of the talent, skills and experience of applicants that are somewhat older”, concludes Muyters.

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