“The population have done what they had to do; it is time to drop the coronavirus restrictions”

2 September 2021
Bart De Wever

Bart De Wever is not happy about the new ministerial decision regarding the relaxation of the coronavirus measures. The N-VA Chairman thinks the time has come to remove the coronavirus restrictions, he said in the De Ochtend radio show. “The population have done what they had to do.”

For example, Bart De Wever finds it inexplicable that an event can soon take place in the Sportpaleis for 15,000 people, but a club a bit further away is not allowed to open its doors for a few hundred people. He thinks the time has come to withdraw the restrictions.

No physical city council meeting, but without a mask to a musical

Minister Verlinden’s law is flawed, Bart De Wever said. “Every Ministerial Decree is full of things that are not intended, things that are not applicable, loopholes, and so on. For example, you cannot organise a physical meeting of a city council, but you can attend a musical afterwards without having to wear a mask. Such provisions undermine support for measures.”

Fundamental freedoms curtailed by the signature of one minister

The N-VA Chairman once again repeated his criticism of the policy with ministerial decisions. “Governing through ministerial decisions was not a success story. As a democratic constitutional state, we must think carefully about this: our fundamental freedoms are being curtailed by the signature of one minister. As far as I am concerned, that is not something that can be repeated.”

Time to remove the coronavirus restrictions

In any case, Bart De Wever thinks the time has gradually come to remove the coronavirus restrictions. “At some point, life has to resume. You cannot say for a year: if we reach a certain vaccination rate, we will drop the restrictions. And then when you reach that point, say it can’t be done yet anyway.”

Stop holding the whole of society hostage

At a certain point, we have to be able to let go of the infections, Bart De Wever said. “While it is true that we still have to consider what is happening in hospitals, we must start regarding the coronavirus as a recurrent virus and stop holding the whole of society hostage. The population have done what they had to do,” Bart De Wever says.

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