The N-VA wants Flanders to have responsibility for vaccinations

5 January 2021

The N-VA is calling for the regionalisation of vaccinations after the French speakers ignored an inter-federal agreement. In De Wereld Vandaag on Radio 1, the N-VA provided more information. “There was an inter-federal agreement that initially, only the residents of just one residential care centre per hub hospital would be vaccinated. That was at the request of those hospitals, so that they could properly check how the thawing process of the vaccines should be carried out.” In Flanders, there are 13 hub hospitals, and another 13 in the rest of the country.

French speakers are not sticking to the agreement

Flanders kept to that agreement, but French-speaking Belgium did not, the N-VA says. “In the other regions, they decided not only to vaccinate residents and staff alike, but also to vaccinate in more than one residential care centre per hub hospital.”

The population would have been vaccinated more quickly

The N-VA does not blame the French speakers for their approach, but does draw an obvious conclusion. “If you have to meet for weeks to make inter-federal agreements with those hospitals, but regions do not honour that agreement, why do you sit in meetings together for so long? Then it would be better to tell the federal states straight away: it is your responsibility. I think that our population would have been vaccinated more quickly. And that is what matters in the end.”

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