The N-VA sees no reason to extend the abortion period

6 February 2020

“On the one hand, people in favour of the extension of the abortion period say that they also want to prevent the need for the procedure. On the other, they propose that someone who undergoes it doesn’t get any more information about birth control, while the numbers show that half are not using contraceptives. Strange,” says the N-VA on the radio news programme De Ochtend.

In five years, the number of abortions has decreased by 10%, the recent report by the National Commission on Interruption of Pregnancy reveals. The purple-green parties in the federal parliament are latching on to the numbers to extend the legal period for abortion. The N-VA regrets that the report appears to be the end of the debate for people in favour of the extension of the period, and not the beginning of a discussion.

The government is making efforts to prevent abortions, and those measures are working. The N-VA is therefore asking itself questions about the conclusion that the abortion period must be extended: “If you extend the abortion period, it becomes a completely different procedure for the woman and the foetus. People in favour of the extension want to get rid of all preventive measures. That doesn’t help people. It’s pure populism to make this a thing that is just taken for granted.”

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