The N-VA party supports the Flemish coalition agreement

26 July 2014

The N-VA party has approved participation in the Flemish Government and the Flemish coalition agreement. The N-VA party congress, the highest party body, in which all members enjoy the right to speak and vote, had already given its blessing.

During the discussion in the Flemish Parliament, the N-VA party leader pointed out the principle of trust that forms the common theme running through the agreement. He also stressed the difficult budgetary situation, with a need to find EUR 1.4 billion to keep our budget out of the red. Therefore, savings are being made in a targeted manner, first and foremost in the government itself. And in its so-called free policy, because nothing is really free.

Thanks to these financial efforts, after several years there is once more the necessary scope for investing in welfare and wellbeing, also the top priorities of this Flemish Government. “Half a billion smart measures to strengthen our economy, our Competitiveness The extent to which companies in one country can compete with similar companies in another country. A law came into force in Belgium in 1996 to monitor competitiveness. This stipulates that Belgian salaries may not evolve faster than the average of those in the three neighbouring countries. The Central Economic Council (CEC) performs an annual measurement to see if the objectives have been obtained. competitiveness and innovation policy and half a billion for the needs of the healthcare sector: a great balance”, according to the party leader.

To summarise: the recipe to help Flanders move forward, also the opinion of the N-VA congress, is a small powerful government with less government spending, fewer rules and expenses and more scope for investments.

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