The N-VA launches a key message ahead of the elections: “For Flemish prosperity”

30 October 2023

“For Flemish prosperity.” That is the key message with which the N-VA will go to voters in June. As from the autumn holidays, hundreds of local N-VA branches will put up signs and banners to reinforce that message. “After three years of French-speaking left-wing De Croo government policies that have mainly served the interests of non-working people, we are fully committed to a policy that strengthens our Flemish middle class again,” says party chairman Bart De Wever.

“Our message should actually be obvious: a society must first bake as big a cake as possible before its distribution can be discussed. The De Croo government reversed that logic, so we now have the worst budget in Europe,” says De Wever.

“Whether it concerns investments in our healthcare, our pensions, our infrastructure, our energy supply or a stricter security and migration policy, sufficient prosperity must be created to finance everything. As a government, we must once again cherish and encourage the Flemish people who contribute to this with their work and entrepreneurial spirit.”

In the coming weeks, the N-VA will conduct a major pre-campaign plan based on the message “For Flemish prosperity”, with four hundred posters on commercial signs, almost five thousand garden signs and banners for members and sympathisers throughout Flanders, and digital advertisements on newspaper websites and social media. From now on, the accompanying new baseline will also be featured below the party logo: “For Flanders. For prosperity.” 

In a seven-minute long video message, De Wever explains the four rules of thumb that are crucial for the N-VA to achieve that prosperity effectively: getting the budget in order, making social policy more equitable, reducing taxes and investing in innovation.

De Wever: “To reform policy according to those four rules of thumb, we must let go of the illusion that this is still possible within the current Belgian structure. With a Flanders that wants centre-right solutions and a Wallonia that is moving further to the left, only the continuation of the current malaise awaits at the federal level. Flanders must acquire the powers itself to chart its own course. This continues to be an essential condition. All those who love our Flemish prosperity should rally behind it.”

“At the Flemish level, we can immediately find a large majority for a series of choices that prove to be unfeasible at the federal level,” De Wever argues. “I am thinking, for example, of reducing unemployment benefits over time, protecting our social system better, lowering taxes on labour and introducing a nuclear renaissance to ensure our energy supply in the long term.

Flanders has everything it needs to become one of the great success stories of the 21st century. But that means we must turn the tide right now, with everything we have at our disposal. For Flanders. For prosperity,” De Wever concludes.

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