The N-VA is requesting a ban on TikTok for government employees

1 March 2023
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MP Michael Freilich is calling on the De Croo government to ban TikTok for government employees. He is doing this following similar steps taken by the European Commission, the US, Canada and the Netherlands.

Freilich tabled a resolution on this in parliament two years ago and hopes that minds have matured in the meantime. The De Croo government has so far always considered such a ban for our country “disproportionate” and saw “no evidence of Chinese interference”.

State security warning

Freilich: “It is time for concrete measures such as a ban on TikTok for government employees. Guidelines and advice alone are not enough. Despite the fact that State Security warns not to install unnecessary applications on devices for professional use, or that contain sensitive information, the federal government is not taking any concrete policy actions to put that warning into practice.”

National security is at risk

“By not doing that, the Vivaldi government is putting our national security at risk,” concludes the MP, who will question the Prime Minister about this again in parliament.

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