The N-VA is calling on Belgium to pull out of the controversial racism conference

30 August 2021
Michael Freilich

N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever and MP Michael Freilich are asking Belgium to pull out of the UN anti-racism conference on 22 September. According to the N-VA, the presenters of that conference are steeped in an atmosphere of “raw hatred of Jews and anti-Semitism”. “Like many of our allies, we must send out a strong signal that we will not put up with the UN being hijacked to promote a hatred of Jews,” Bart De Wever says.

The anti-racism conference commemorates the 20th anniversary of the World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) in Durban, South Africa, in 2001. According to the N-VA, that conference and its follow-up events over the years were steeped in an atmosphere of raw hatred of Jews and anti-Semitism.

Allies such as Germany, the Netherlands and the US are also pulling out

The N-VA is not alone in thinking this, MP Freilich notes. “Dozens of Western countries have already indicated that they will not participate in this conference, which is ‘for’ racism rather than against it. Belgium has thus become an island in our region in the midst of our neighbouring countries Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and France, all of which have explicitly indicated that they will boycott the conference. Outside Europe, our most major allies, including the US, Canada and Australia, have already done the same. What is this government still waiting for? On the one hand, it addresses sexism, racism and gender issues, and on the other hand, it turns a blind eye to anti-Semitism. Left-wing wokers can apparently do that.”

Anti-Semitic hate fest by Arab countries and far-left NGOs

The so-called “Durban conferences” were hijacked by Arab countries and extreme left NGOs and so degenerated into a hate-fest against Jews and Israel. Anti-Semitic pamphlets were a frequent sight. Writings such as “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, which were also used by the Nazis, were distributed. The pursuit of self-determination by Jews was equated with racism, anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews controlling the media and amassing power and money at the expense of the poor were essential elements, and finally, Jewish participants in the conference were physically assaulted.

Pulling out is the only right decision

According to Bart De Wever, pulling out is the only right decision. “Like many of our allies, we must send out a strong signal that we will not put up with the UN being hijacked by extremist ideologies to promote a hatred of Jews.” As early as the beginning of June, Michael Freilich asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès (MR), questions about the matter, but she has not yet responded.

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