The N-VA is calling for the accelerated rollout of smart energy meters in Brussels

9 December 2020

“Digital or smart electricity and natural gas meters have many advantages, and yet the competent Minister Maron today questioned their usefulness for ordinary consumers in Brussels.” Cieltje Van Achter, N-VA group chairman in the Brussels parliament, questioned Minister Maron today about the slow rollout of these digital meters in Brussels.

While the Flemish Government is fully committed to the accelerated rollout of smart meters, the Brussels Government is getting nowhere. At the end of June 2020, for example, only 19,000 smart meters had been installed at a total of 600,000 connection points in the region. The installation of 8,200 smart meters is planned for next year. 170,000 of the oldest meters will also be replaced in the future, at a rate of 25,000 meters per year. If we continue to work at that pace, the meters will be replaced in 50 years’ time. That really can’t be called ambitious.

Ecolo minister questions digital meters

What is even worse is that today in Parliament, Minister Maron questioned the usefulness of digital meters for consumers. While it is nevertheless obvious that with a digital meter the consumer has better insight into his or her energy consumption, the consumer can also follow this up via the web portal of the grid manager or via an app. In this way, consumers can actively manage their consumption and choose the cheapest suppliers that respond dynamically to periods of low prices. In addition, the digital meter automatically transmits the meter readings to the grid operator, eliminating the need for manual readings: a significant efficiency gain for the grid operator that should lead to cheaper rates.

Residents of Brussels should be able to benefit from the advantages of innovative meters

While Flemish people can already monitor their energy consumption via Fluvius with a digital meter, Brussels residents are still waiting for such an application. “I advocate an accelerated rollout of the smart energy meter in Brussels. Flemish people can now monitor all their energy consumption digitally. The inhabitants of Brussels should also be able to enjoy the benefits of these innovative meters. I urge Minister Maron to shift up a gear and put natural gas grid manager Sibelga to work,” Cieltje Van Achter concludes.

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