The N-VA also wants to send a political signal to Iran

5 February 2021

The severe condemnation of an Iranian diplomat for a foiled terrorist attack is a powerful signal, but now politics must also do its job, according to the N-VA. “The judge only ruled on the role of the executors, but not on the liability of the client: the Iranian regime. That is now the job of politics.”

According to the N-VA, this verdict has set the tone. Our country will no longer tolerate Iran or any other country taking advantage of its diplomatic status to orchestrate attacks on civilians. But even though the Justice Department ensured correct and timely punishment of the perpetrators, the N-VA does not consider the case closed. “This is most likely not an isolated case, and if we can rely on the detective work of some journalists, there is still a lot we don’t know. It is now up to the politicians to tackle the problem,” the N-VA says.

Tehran’s role in attacks

The N-VA is now asking the ministers of the Interior and Foreign Affairs to provide a full explanation to Parliament. “We expect this government to come to the Chamber as soon as possible with more information about the activities of the Iranian security forces in our country and Tehran’s role in plotting attacks. Only then can we determine the appropriate steps to be taken. All options must be open for discussion; silence is no longer an option,” the N-VA says.

Not an exclusive Belgian-Iranian problem

“For the N-VA, the government and parliament must issue a clear condemnation of the blatant violation of our trust and the abuse of diplomatic conventions.  We are hoping for support from the other European Member States. If a diplomat from Vienna recruits in our country to strike in Paris, this is not an exclusively Belgian-Iranian problem, but concerns us all. Only with a joint approach can we make a credible fist,” the N-VA said.

The N-VA is also calling for the increased vigilance of fellow countrymen in Iran and the Middle East. “Iran has a history of escalating things further, so we have to stay alert, and we also have to take threats seriously.”

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