The Flemish Government reduces costs by EUR 197 million through administrative simplification

8 April 2014

During this parliamentary term, the Flemish Government has achieved cost savings resulting from administrative simplification of at least EUR 197 million. This was revealed in its final report on the action plans for administrative simplification.

"In addition to cost savings for all kinds of external target groups such as organisations and companies, we are also working on a more efficient government. This has already allowed us to save over EUR 9 million in management costs in the Flemish Government itself", says Flemish Minister for Administrative Affairs Geert Bourgeois (N-VA).

During this parliamentary term, each Flemish Minister drafted an action plan for administrative simplification. In total 538 projects have been included in the plans. Two thirds were already completed by the final reporting period in mid-January.

The content and the target groups involved in the simplification projects are highly diverse. Almost half focus on organisations such as schools, welfare services and cultural associations. However, the greatest cost savings were achieved among enterprises: over EUR 133 million in total. Lastly, efforts were also made for citizens, such as simplifying Flemish tax regulations.

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