The Brussels government must approach vaccine refusers proactively

20 July 2021

The campaigns aimed at convincing Brussels residents to be vaccinated are inadequate and are not working well enough. Only 60% of adults in Brussels have so far received their first jab. In Flanders and Wallonia, the figures are 89% and 77% respectively. According to Brussels MP Gilles Verstraeten, the Brussels government must therefore change its strategy as soon as possible: “The current awareness-raising campaigns are still not reaching many Brussels residents. The government must approach vaccine refusers proactively and clearly explain why a vaccine is necessary and counteract fake news about it. There is also a lack of information. I still speak with people in Brussels almost every day who have not received any form of information or communication about vaccines whatsoever.” Gilles Verstraeten also questions the decision of the Brussels government to close seven of the 10 vaccination centres by the end of August.

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