Tackling the business model of human traffickers at its root

20 September 2018

“The principle is that illegal immigration in Europe cannot be rewarded with a legal residence. As long as you do not close the European borders, people will continue to drown and the drama will be prolonged.” N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever advocates clear measures that tackle the business model of human traffickers “at its root”.

Confiscation of smartphones

In this regard, Bart De Wever mentions the smartphones of illegal transmigrants who have been arrested. “If, during the judicial investigation, you systematically confiscate smartphones, I guarantee that word will very quickly spread among human traffickers that Belgium is not the place to be,” Bart De Wever reasons. “We have to get the reputation of being a place where human trafficking is pointless, where it’s not even worth trying, and where it will never succeed.”

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