Strict punishment for genital mutilation

26 March 2018

Genital mutilation at Flemish GPs’ practices is unacceptable. The N-VA responds with indignation to reports in the media about GPs who perform circumcision on women. They want the court to respond strictly. “Such practices are unacceptable anywhere in the world. The public prosecutor must investigate this matter thoroughly,” the N-VA states. Genital mutilation of women is punishable with three to five years of imprisonment. For minors, the punishment can reach a maximum of seven years.

Humiliation of women

Estimates from the Institute for Equality of Men and Women show that almost 26,000 girls and women in Belgium have experienced genital mutilation. “An extreme figure,” the N-VA believes. It expects the Order of Doctors to send a clear signal. “They must remind doctors that genital mutilation is a particularly serious crime.” It does not accept the argument that at least a circumcision done by a doctor is safe. “These practices are dangerous and have no use whatsoever, apart from humiliating and dishonouring women,” the N-VA concludes.


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