Smart measures for a secondary education among the best in Europe

25 June 2012

“Giving equal treatment to unequal children does not necessarily lead to equal opportunities for growth.” This is how N-VA leader Kris Van Dijck summed up the N-VA’s view on secondary education reform. Van Dijck laid out the N-VA education plan with the help of colleagues Vera Celis, Goedele Vermeiren and Willy Segers.  The N-VA is not arguing that the choice of career track made by students at the age of 12 be postponed. It is saying that there should be flexibility as to when this choice is made. To the N-VA, it makes no sense at all to put all students in the same classroom with the same material and moving at the same pace for all subjects in the first cycle of secondary education. According to Van Dijck, “This option is impractical for teachers and is a bad deal for every student”. The N-VA is not in favour of a large-scale overhaul of secondary education; the N-VA is demanding that a number of targeted and concrete measures be taken to increase the quality of education for all students.

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