Schengen: N-VA speaking the same language at European and federal level

14 June 2012

European interior ministers last week decided unanimously to exclude the European Parliament from the decision-making process regarding the proposed reform of the Schengen Area. The N-VA feels that the Council is adopting a knee-jerk point of view on Europe regarding this issue. The fact that, in doing so, the Belgian government repudiated the Community method is nothing more than a missed opportunity. The Schengen Agreement serves primarily to enhance the mobility of the European citizen, and the essence of this must be regulated at the EU level. Any infringement to free travel must therefore be limited to the most extreme cases. The circumstances under which border controls can be reintroduced as a last resort must be defined more clearly. As regards the new European legislation, it should go without saying that Member States must have the ability to do whatever is necessary to ensure public order and internal security in extreme circumstances.

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