Resolution against arms deliveries to Syria

29 May 2013

The lifting of the European arms embargo on Syria and the possible supply of weapons to the Syrian rebels is particularly regrettable. The N-VA fraction took the initiative to submit a resolution asking the Flemish Government to immediately add Syria to the list of 'on-hold destinations', making it impossible from now on for firearms licences to be provided to this country from Flanders. Those who tabled the motion also request that the Government should insist, in its international and European relations, that unequivocal action be taken with respect to international conflicts in general, and Syria in particular. Weapons supplied to the rebels will merely escalate the conflict in the short term, with all its consequences for the civilian population, which has already been hit hard. In the long term, the influx of new weapons can only be detrimental to the stability in the region. This can be clearly seen in a scenario such as in Libya and must be avoided.

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