Prompt intervention at Ryanair with the intent of guaranteeing consumer rights

19 July 2018

This summer once again sees the threat of strikes at Ryanair. This can mean the cancellation of hundreds of flights, with thousands of passengers having to seek an alternative. In such a situation, airlines are obliged to inform their customers of their rights in the event of the cancellation of their flight and of the possibility of claiming compensation. However, Ryanair does not seem to be planning to grant compensation to passengers, citing force majeure.

Ryanair remained in default in a similar situation last year too. The federal government responded by initiating an injunction proceeding and threatening penalty payments. For this reason, the airline is still being monitored closely by the Economic Inspectorate.

“So Ryanair has not learned any lessons from last year’s situation,” says the N-VA. “This is completely unacceptable to us. Consumer rights must not be circumvented. In any case, we have been given the guarantee that the Economic Inspectorate will monitor the situation closely and will intervene when necessary. As far as we are concerned, it would be better to do so today rather than tomorrow.”

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