Progress through change

14 November 2013

Progress through change. This is the main theme of the party congress which the N-VA is organising on 31 January, 1 and 2 February 2014 in Antwerp. At the end of October the N-VA chairman, Bart De Wever, and the Congress’s chairman, Ben Weyts, elaborated on the draft congress texts. N-VA members have until the end of November to amend these texts. The texts comprise all the reforms which the N-VA wishes to pursue in order to guarantee our prosperity and wellbeing. The first part elaborates on the social-economic reforms needed to reward work, saving and entrepreneurship instead of punishing it. The second part focuses on the N-VA’s interpretation of a confederal Belgium: a model with two federated entities – Flanders and Wallonia – which jointly decide what they still want to do together.

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