Overdue police income finally paid thanks to minister Jambon

12 December 2014

Every year, the road safety fund receives income from the payment of traffic fines. Since 2009, not a single euro has been paid to local or federal police from the balance of the fund, in spite of various cases of legal action and reminders. Thanks to Minister of Security and the Interior Jan Jambon, an end to the blocked payments is now in sight.

The road safety fund consists of two components: a fixed amount that is distributed between FPS Justice, FPS Mobility and Transport, joint purchases and the federal and local police; and the balance or remaining amount that is distributed between the local and federal police.

In 2009, the allocation key was amended by law. Since then the police have not received a single euro of the remaining amount. Therefore Minister Jambon has had a draft Royal Decree (RD) approved for the allocation of the year 2009. It concerns a balance of over nine million euros, five percent of which goes to the federal police and the remainder to local zones in the three Regions.

Eliminating the backlog
Jambon will transfer the draft RD to the Council of State for its opinion as quickly as possible so that the amounts can still be paid before the end of the year. “Those amounts represent a major income statement item for the police zones concerned. Taking into account our budgetary framework, we will try and eliminate the backlog incurred during the previous parliamentary terms.”

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