No future in the European Union for this Turkey

16 October 2019
Powerful signal to Erdogan

The Flemish Parliament demands the immediate halt of the offensive against the Kurds in Northern Syria and the withdrawal of the Turkish army from the region. “The violence must stop, and humanitarian help for the Kurds must be guaranteed,” say a number of N-VA MPs.

No future for Turkey in the EU

The N-VA is submitting the resolution along with the other majority parties. The Turkish invasion is leading only to a further escalation of violence, with many civilian casualties and increasing instability in the region as a result. There is also the threat of a possible regrouping and re-emergence of the so-called Islamic State. In Turkey itself, democracy and fundamental rights have been under pressure for years. Here, it is clear that there is no future for the country in the European Union.

Halt pre-accession aid

The N-VA also has misgivings about the pre-accession aid that Turkey receives. “Although there is currently no future perspective for Turkey in the EU, the European Union is still paying some 600 million euros a year to Turkey in what is known as pre-accession aid. For the 2007-2020 period, we are talking about more than 9 billion euros, of which 66 million have been frozen in recent years. In the light of the developments in Syria, this is indefensible. We demand an immediate halt to that European pre-accession aid. Moreover, we cannot under any circumstances tolerate foreign politics, propaganda or conflicts being imported into Flanders,” the party argues.

Escalation of violence must stop

The Kurdish forces have been an important partner in recent years in the fight against Islamic State, but now they once again risk becoming the victim of a complex power struggle between major powers and neighbouring countries. “We are asking the Flemish Government to take all necessary steps at federal, European and international level to halt the escalation of the violence and to guarantee access for humanitarian assistance. International observers must gain access to the region as soon as possible, and we are urging for peace talks to be resumed, with the involvement of a Kurdish representation,” the N-VA concludes.

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