New tax increases are totally incomprehensible

1 July 2013

Belgium is confronted with a difficult economic climate and towering national debt, and is one of the countries in the world with the heaviest tax burdens. Yet the federal government is still treading the path of taxation. Interventions in budgetary control remain limited to slowed growth for spending, but in many areas this increase in spending will still remain higher than our economy can afford. In these circumstances, the government risks increasing taxes yet again. What is particularly distressing is that people who work, who save and who are enterprising are yet again the most badly affected. By introducing VAT on lawyers, increasing certain excise taxes, limiting the schoolpremie extra child benefit in July and introducing another rise in the price of service cheques, the middle classes are being hit hard once again. Yet again, people who work are being targeted by this government. This budget is also another slap in the face for companies. The exuberant labour costs, as well as the tax burdens, are making themselves felt increasingly onerously. And this government is going one step further with a minimum tax and a tax on public utility companies.

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