New integration decree approved by the Flemish Parliament

29 May 2013

The Flemish Parliament approved the decree that aims to reform the integration and civic orientation sector in Flanders. As a result of this reform, civic orientation and integration will be inextricably linked.

The foundation of the Agentschap Integratie (Agency for Integration) also heralds the end of the historically increasing fragmentation and associated harmonisation issues on the ground. The eight Integration Centres, eight Reception Agencies, eight Social Interpreting and Translation services and the Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie (Crossroads Bank for Migration-Integration) are incorporated in a single external autonomous agency (extern verzelfstandigd agentschap or EVA) that operates throughout the whole of Flanders.

It not only offers scope for existing tools such as civic orientation, social interpreting and translating and accessibility trajectories. The Agency will also work on language promotion and language policy.

Henceforth, the civic orientation certificate will be linked to an obligation to achieve a result. The enforcement policy continues to be solely based on the obligation to achieve a result. This increases the value of the civic orientation certificate, for society as well as for the person integrating.

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