New Flemish policy thanks to balanced budget

26 September 2011

The Flemish Government has kept the Flemish finances on track in its budget for 2012: Flanders will also be able to submit a balanced budget in that year. The 2012 budget confirms that the savings operation concerning 2 billion, or 8 percent, of the Flemish budget that has been carried out during recent years was the right choice. Furthermore, the Flemish Government can already spend 230 million euros on introducing new policies. We are aiming at two critical pillars here: the Flemish economy and Flemish families. In order to support the economy, Flanders, as Europe has requested, is investing in research and development, infrastructure, education and employment. In order to support families, in addition to the kinderpremie (supplementary child benefit), Flanders is also making money available for welfare, childcare and the disabled. This is how the N-VA will help build a strong and social Flanders.

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