New decree on international adoptions approved

15 December 2011

The new decree for international adoptions was approved by the Committee for Welfare, Public Health and Family. This will provide candidate adoptive parents with clarity and assurance more quickly in the future. The adopted children will also have a greater right of inspection under this new decree. The N-VA contributed to the drawing up of this decree for a humane adoption policy. In the future, anyone who wants to will be able to apply as a candidate adoptive parent. Candidates will also be given a definitive answer regarding the period within which they will be attributed a child. This is a great deal of progress because the waiting time now can quickly run up to more than three years. Upon request from adopted children, there is also a provision expanding their right to inspect their personal files. A still-to-be-established Flemish Adoption Agency must, according to the N-VA, show that there is a properly developed Flemish adoption policy.

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