Neutrality must also be seen

1 June 2021
Cieltje Van Achter

Brussels group chairman Cieltje Van Achter finds it “incomprehensible and unacceptable” that the Brussels transport company STIB-MIVB will not appeal against the conviction of discrimination because it did not want to recruit a woman wearing a headscarf. “A decision under political pressure from Green, Ecolo and the PS,” Cieltje Van Achter says. STIB-MIVB’s track record on diversity and employment is nevertheless spotless. This worked perfectly in combination with a neutral service. And that is so important for an inclusive society in which impartiality is paramount. “That must also be expressed in a neutral dress code,” she says. “Neutrality must not only be done, but also be seen to be done.” However, the voices of certain parties take precedence over the basic principle of a neutral government. Cieltje Van Achter will call on the Brussels government to urge STIB-MIVB to challenge the verdict.

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