Netflix can now travel with you in Europe

1 April 2018

Flemish tourists will from now on be able to view their online subscription everywhere in Europe. Watching Netflix and Belgian football online is now possible outside Flanders too. MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt co-negotiated the new European regulations: “Today, over 600,000 Flemings have a Netflix subscription. And it’s no more than logical that they should also be able to enjoy this service when they’re on holiday elsewhere in Europe. After all, they’re paying good money for it. When you cross the border in a train, you don’t have to hand in your book after all.”

Modern rules

As the chair of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee, Anneleen Van Bossuyt will closely monitor that the electronic service providers are indeed fulfilling their duties: “Flemings on holiday must be able to follow the culmination of our football competition without problem. “Also, people who like to play online video games when on holiday, or read an e-book or listen to music, must be able to take their purchases along on a city trip.” These days, people travel so frequently that the existing limitations are in fact a remnant of a bygone era. The consumer is entitled to modern regulations that meet current needs,” Anneleen Van Bossuyt concludes.

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