Nadia Sminate, the first Flemish mayor with Moroccan roots

23 October 2012

In Londerzeel, the N-VA has joined up with the CD&V and sp.a-Groen to form the new ruling majority. Departing Mayor De Borger will still hold the position of mayor for the first three years. He is followed by N-VA Deputy Nadia Sminate, who will be the first Flemish mayor to have Moroccan roots. Nadia Sminate is 30 and has been an N-VA Deputy since 2010. “When I joined the N-VA in 2004, it was the only party that had something to say about the rights and responsibilities of newcomers. It’s obvious now, but back then it wasn’t. I am proud that I will be the first mayor with foreign roots.” N-VA Chairman Bart De Wever is glad: “Even people of foreign extraction can reach great heights in society. The N-VA approach to Civic integration Flanders has a policy for civic integration. This is a guided and targeted form of social integration for people of foreign origin. The intention is that the newcomers are provided with a valuable place in society by including them instead of excluding them. Civic integration, which includes language lessons and civic integration courses, was brought about by the participation of the N-VA in the Flemish Government since 2004 and the appointment of a Minister for Civic Integration. civic integration is an eminently positive story of community building and harmony.”

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