N-VA wants to impose a certificate of integration obtained in the country of origin in cases of family reunification

20 September 2019

If the proposal of the N-VA is accepted, anyone wishing to come to Belgium in the context of family reunification will first have to obtain a certificate of integration while still residing in his or her country of origin. The N-VA MPs have submitted a legislative proposal on the subject. “This will also ensure that when the migrant arrives, he or she will integrate into this country’s society more quickly,” the N-VA MPs say.

Language and values

In their proposal, a certificate of integration will be a requirement for family reunification. Anyone coming here in the context of family reunification must already learn our language and values in the country of origin. That’s already the case in the Netherlands and Germany.

Much migration through family reunification

In 2011, the law on family reunification was tightened up significantly, with the introduction of income and housing conditions. Nevertheless, family reunification remains one of the biggest migration channels and the number-one channel of passive migration. Belgium has a very high passive migration compared to active migration. There is a lack of balance.

Quicker integration

That’s the reason why the N-VA MPs are proposing to tighten up the conditions for family reunification once again. Previously, there has already been a proposal for higher income requirements, and now the duo also wants the integration procedure to start in the country of origin. A certificate of integration and language knowledge will become requirements for family reunification. This will also ensure that when the migrant arrives, he or she will integrate into our country’s society more quickly, which is in the interest of our whole society and certainly also of the migrant.

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