N-VA supports PNR agreement in fight against terror

10 December 2015
N-VA supports PNR agreement in fight against terror

The authorized commission of the European Parliament has adopted the agreement around the PNR system that must ensure better exchange of passenger information between the member states. "None too early," European Parliament member Helga Stevens emphasises. "In the fight against terror it is crucial that we quickly ensure a legal foundation at the European level, so that data on suspicious persons can be exchanged."
An important element that has been added to the agreement at the request of, among others, Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon, is the exchange of passenger information on flights and trains within the EU. "Given that European domestic borders remain insufficiently monitored, it is a strict necessity," European Parliament member Sander Loones observes. "In addition, potential terrorists are already on European soil. Their travel behaviour must be followed closely. This agreement at least contains the necessary basis for us to boost our security policy."
European anti-terror centre
The next necessary step is approval at the plenary meeting of the European Parliament. "In principle, that vote will take place in February, and afterwards a period for transition to national legislation will follow. Hopefully the EU will take the necessary safety precautions in the meantime, in addition to and in consultation with the member states. The establishment of a European Counter Terrorism Centre is a good example of this," Stevens concludes. The centre will officially open on 1 January.

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