N-VA Party Congress approves VVV agreement

24 July 2014

This evening, the N-VA party congress, the highest party body, approved by an overwhelming majority the participation in the Flemish Government and the Flemish governmental agreement. The party council then appointed Geert Bourgeois as Minister-President. Liesbeth Homans, Ben Weyts and Philippe Muyters were also nominated as ministers by the party council. Jan Peumans was nominated as Speaker of the Flemish Parliament.

The VVV agreement was extensively debated by members of the N-VA. The congress is well aware of the difficult budgetary times facing Flanders and of the fact that efforts will be required. Thanks to these efforts, there will however be room once again in a few years’ time to invest in the economy and care, as prosperity and welfare are the top priorities of this Flemish Government.

The N-VA party congress is firmly convinced that the Flemish governmental agreement represents a real change. A small, decisive government with fewer governmental expenses, fewer regulations and taxes and more room for investments: according to the N-VA congress, this is the formula that will enable Flanders to move forward. And this is also the summary of the governmental agreement.

After the congress approved the governmental agreement and participation in government, the party council also appointed the N-VA ministers in the new Flemish Government:

Geert Bourgeois: Minister-President of the Flemish Government and Flemish Minister of General Policy, Foreign Policy and Immovable Heritage

Liesbeth Homans: Vice-Minister-President and Flemish Minister for Local and Provincial Government, Urban Policy, Administrative Affairs, Civic integration Flanders has a policy for civic integration. This is a guided and targeted form of social integration for people of foreign origin. The intention is that the newcomers are provided with a valuable place in society by including them instead of excluding them. Civic integration, which includes language lessons and civic integration courses, was brought about by the participation of the N-VA in the Flemish Government since 2004 and the appointment of a Minister for Civic Integration. Civic Integration , Housing, Social Economy, Poverty and Equal Opportunities

Philippe Muyters: Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation, Government Instruments, Work and Sports

Ben Weyts: Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works, Flemish Periphery, Tourism and Animal Welfare

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