N-VA law for DNA database pays off: 9 cases of disappearance resolved in 1 year

23 August 2019

The DNA database for missing persons is a great success: in one year, already nine cases of disappearance have been resolved. The database was created at the initiative of the N-VA. In 2013, the Senate approved the N-VA bill on this subject.

Over 300 profiles

The database came into effect over a year ago. It gathers DNA material from missing persons or their families. It also stores DNA from unidentified bodies. The database currently has 78 DNA profiles. In the medium to long term, it is expected to have more than 300.

Crucial against crime

The N-VA reacts with enthusiasm to the good news. “A number of DNA databases have been set up at the N-VA’s insistence. The success of the database for missing persons shows that they can be crucial in the fight against crime. Our parliamentary work therefore does indeed pay off,” it concludes.

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