N-VA delighted with compensations for industrial companies

28 June 2013

On 28 June 2013, the Flemish Government approved the Flemish Climate Plan. This plan includes an important compensation rule for the extra Competitiveness The extent to which companies in one country can compete with similar companies in another country. A law came into force in Belgium in 1996 to monitor competitiveness. This stipulates that Belgian salaries may not evolve faster than the average of those in the three neighbouring countries. The Central Economic Council (CEC) performs an annual measurement to see if the objectives have been obtained. competitiveness disadvantage - the indirect “carbon leakage” - with which our companies have been fighting for some months now. The agreement thus ensures strong support for our economy. Thanks to the Flemish Climate Plan, which provides for a Climate Fund that it will be possible to use for compensating the industry, we in Flanders can now also get started with this much-needed compensation. With the Climate Plan, Flanders is investing in green energy using the most cost-efficient measures, but at the same time, we want to protect our industry against its disadvantages.

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