N-VA calls on minister De Crem to present the blueprint for the Benelux army

11 November 2013

In 2014, Defence must once more submit its budget, for the umpteenth year in a row. On this Memorial Day, the N-VA repeats its demands for a halt in cuts for Defence and calls for a specific blueprint for the composition of our army alongside that of the Netherlands and Luxembourg. "This integration is the only way to maintain the level of our international ambition in terms of defence”, the N-VA believes.

If Defence wants to maintain an acceptable level of ambition, intensive international cooperation is absolutely necessary in the N-VA’s view. "We are rapidly approaching the end of this legislative session. De Crem will now have to speak out and take highly specific initiatives”, says the N-VA.

Furthermore, there is a major concern that nothing will come of the cooperation with the Netherlands once De Crem leaves for NATO or if there is a new minister of defence after the elections. Therefore, a highly specific blueprint is needed, which goes much further than the vague statement of intent from 2012, with an unambiguous timetable, which can then be taken up by the next minister of defence.

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