N-VA calls for social-economic emergency government

22 November 2011

These negotiations are never going to lead to a decent agreement. In view of the dire economic situation, the N-VA is therefore prepared to form a social-economic emergency government together with the Christian Democrats and the Liberals. This government must be formed in the very short term and its programme must consist of a reorganisation of governmental finances via the implementation of the EU’s recommendations. Meanwhile, in-depth work can be carried out in parallel on a thorough reform that will reinstate order in this country’s finances and institutions.

The PS’s proposals make it clear time and again that that party is not prepared to face reality. The European recommendations will not be implemented. The N-VA is calling on the Christian Democrats and the Liberals to stop playing along in this game. They are threatening to do what the N-VA had already predicted when Elio Di Rupo’s memorandum was assessed in July: to end up being content with only the most disastrous elements of Di Rupo’s plans being scrapped.

A budget distribution that mainly involves tax increases and hardly any structural savings is totally irresponsible and is in complete opposition to European recommendations. If negotiators continue down this path, Belgium will be the only country in Europe to make most of its budgetary efforts through extra taxes. And Belgium already pretty much has the heaviest tax burden in all of Europe.

All politicians now bear the responsibility of securing the citizens’ well-being as a first priority. It is not high time, it’s not too late, it’s far too late.

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