N-VA again proposes that the monarchy be modernised

16 July 2013

The majority parties of the federal government will not hear any mention of a reform of the monarchy. There is nevertheless in Flanders a clear consensus regarding the fact that the king should not be allowed to exercise any political power. With the impending change in monarch (editor’s note: Crown Prince Philippe will succeed Albert II on 21 July as king of Belgium), the N-VA is once again setting out a series of measures to reform the monarchy. In these proposals, the king is given a function strictly limited to protocol, with no political significance. Furthermore, the N-VA regrets that the government did not have the courage to cut back the endowments for members of the royal family more. Belgium will soon have three queens, two kings, a prince and a princess who each receive an endowment, and in future a crown princess may also be added. That the brother and sister of the king receive an endowment is unheard of worldwide. In other monarchies, they simply go out to work.

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